Below are photos of CongoCoons active Breeding Maine Coon Studs.

Through very high selection we have brought together a stud lineup un-equaled in quality!
Strong European Lines, mixed with Very Healthy American influence gives us genetic diversity that is a force to be reckoned with!

We have retired a few studs, and kept back some outstanding young boys, one notch better than their parents!
We are on a continuous effort to improve the CongoCoons Look!

In 2016 we just had to keep back a few outstanding Smoke boys!
"Battle Boar" from the fantastic big blue "Russian Boar",
"Rage Jurassic" from the Russian Import Rajana,
and "Devil's Bane" from the super bi-black odd eyed monster from Russia we call "Evil Eye"!
To add to this fantastic future lineup, we have from Ironclaws the super silver boy "Chained Dragon"!

We hope you are as excited as we are for the future at CongoCoons!

From Werelynx x Perfect Storm pictured at 5 months old

Introducing our latest addition!
Thankyou to Svetlana at Country Gullivers in Russia for sharing this handsome boy!
Looking remarkably like his father Carado Extra Bel, we cant wait for him to mature!
Special thankyou to Inna for her tireless efforts to travel and bring him home to us!, You are a VERY special friend!

Our Big Chunky "Werelynx" at 11 months old!


We want to give a huge Thankyou to Teresa for this Super Typey Boy!

A gift from IronClaw Cattery in Canada, is this handsome odd eyed boy all the way from Russia!
Thankyou to Julia of Honey Devil Cattery for sharing this striking animal, and an
especially LARGE thankyou to Inna for this wonderful surprise!
Bringing in new blood to CongoCoons including, Supernova, Csak's Coons, McKittycreek, Shubacoons, and Pillowtalk.
We look forward to his future offspring, especially crossing with our Silver Gals!

Introducing our fantastic new boy "IRONCLAW'S LEVIATHAN"
He is sired by Czech Republic "El Toro King of Bohemia"
Thankyou Inna for this handsome boy, who brings new outcross bloodlines to our cattery!
Superstars, Witchbreeds, Penobscot, Langstteich's and Belushi bloodlines
Very large, long body, extra long tail,a headbutting purring machine.
We cant wait to cross him over to our warm brown girls!

Our First RED SMOKE!
"Firestorm" is a large boy, big heavy muzzle, and nice tall ears.

Big Brown Tabby Male Maine Coon in Photograph
One of our young future Maine Coon Studs, Son of Hornbill and Lizard Thicket!

image of a Maine Coon

picture of a maine coon kitten
A handsome brown tabby Maine Coon Stud

Above is our younger brother to "Danger", beautiful brown and white maine coon!
And below and updated photo, "Link" at 8 months old, with SUPER DEVELOPMENT!

Silver Tabby Male Maine Coon in Picture
One of our Silver Maine Coon Studs

image of a Maine Coon
One of our poly toed Maine Coon Studs, what a fantastic boy!

image of a Maine Coon

image of a Maine Coon

Big Maine Coon

Our FANTASTIC Blue Silver Poly Werewolf Son as a baby!

image of a solid black male maine coon cat

image of a young maine coon brown tabby with white color
image of a maine coon that is very large

image of a bi-black maine coon stud cat as a baby kitten

picture of a solid black maine coon kitten soon to be a stud cat at congocoon cattery

Our Very Handsome Maine Coon "Sea Panther" will replace Black Idol of Cooncity as our Black Stud!
With his Superior Type, we expect great things in the future!
He brings "Black Idol" through his grandfather "King Kong" who is his father "Kingsnake's" dad!
His dam "Seahorse" brings in our best through her dad "The Great White"
"The Great White" was out of our Phenomenal Maine Coon White Out Litter,
Sired by "CH Congo Safari of Cooncity" and "CongoCoons Diamond Mine"!
With a Pedigree like that no wonder he is so STRIKING!

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