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smoke tortie maine coon cat laying on rock

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Here at Congocoon Maine Coon Cattery we strive to offer quality Maine Coon Kittens to loving homes.
All of our Maine Coon Cats are genetically tested. We have Maine Coon Cats and Maine Coon Kittens in a variety of colors.

As a Maine Coon Cat Breeder we prefer to place Maine Coon Kittens locally, but will ship.
We have placed Maine Coon Kittens in many states including Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina
Washington, Oregon, California, Wisconsin, Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana,Virginia, Kentucky,
New York, Connecticut, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Arizona, Colorado, Illinois,
Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada,Ohio,Oklahoma,Pennsylvania,Mississippi and Vermont!
We have also placed Maine Coon Kittens in Canada, Belgium, Germany, France and other countries!

Our Maine Coon Kittens are vet checked, well socialized and are striking examples of the Maine Coon Breed!
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Congocoon Maine Coon Cattery

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Largest Domestic Feline!
Maine Coons are considered the largest of the domestic felines. Some neutered males can reach almost 30lbs!
Average size varies for a male from 15-24lbs, but also larger than average is often the case.
Females although smaller than the males, can often get as large ast 16-17lbs, but taking longer to reach that adult size.
The males seem to grow and quick rates and even yearlings are in the double digits, with adult size generally being reached at around 5 years old.
Considered the Gentle Giants of the cat world, Maine Coons are gentle, and doglike in nature.
They much prefer to be where the action is, and if you have small children expect your CongoCoon to be right in the mix!
As seen on You Tube, below is a sample of our CongoCoon Maine Coons in video!

Where did Maine Coons come from?
Although of unknown origin, Maine Coons were found as barnyard cats in Northeast USA, hence the name Maine Coon.
The Coon part comes from the chirping sound similar to a raccoons voice, and their love of water.
Also typical of a Raccoon, although breeding between cats and raccoons is genetically impossible.
Maine Coons are impressive with those gorgeous tips on the ears, rumored to have come from crossing with the North American Lynx, resulting in Lynx Tips!
And with tufts of hair between the toes, adapting them to a climate befitting this rugged cat that can walk on snow.
At Congocoons we strive for that wild rugged look in our kittens and cats!
big brown tabby maine coon male stud cat

maine coon poly toed kitten showing off big feet
Maine Coon Poly Toe!
What about those toes! Where did they get all those toes?
The Poly Gene which produces the multi toed foot is in many breeds of cats including Maine Coons and non-pedigreed cats.
We here at Congocoons love the Poly Toes, and know many of you also love these big snow shoe feet!
They pose no health concerns, other than a claw that may need to be trimmed more often.



We are centrally located between Knoxville, Nashville, Atlanta and Birmingham!

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